I feel like the past week or so has been all about pickles, and for someone who isn't a fan (read: hates) of the food - it has become a little overwhelming.

We learned that Valentine Pickle Bouquets are not only a thing, but are available right here in the Hudson Valley, so keep that in mind for that special someone in your life.

Next up, pickle popcorn, people are making a really big 'dill' over the product that is also available locally, but only while supplies last.

Facebook was definitely paying attention to the fact that I was reading a lot about pickle-flavored products, because it then informed me that I can step up my bloody mary game with pickle-flavored vodka...enter 'Chilled Dills Pickle Vodka' to the scene.

A recent article on diply highlighted the booze, which isn't just limited to bloody mary beverages, but can also be used in margaritas, martinis and so on.  They had the following to say:

Arguably one of the best parts of a Bloody Mary is having a bite of the pickle garnish, taking a sip, giving it a lil dunk, having another bite, another sip — you get the picture.  Listen, you're doing pickle shots anyways, you might as well have it all there in one bottle ready for you to sling back!

So, if the pickle bouquet simply wasn't making the cut for your valentine, why not add a bottle of dilly booze to complete the package.