Does seeing people that are in good shape ever keep you from going to the gym?

This is just about the time when people who excitedly got those gym memberships in January give it up. Why? A lot of people are just plain lazy. They got the membership out of impulse. They went twice a week and didn't change their diet and now they're upset that they didn't see any results.

There's another reason people are dropping out of the gym too.

They're supposed to be judgment-free zones. Are they really? There's a huge stigma that jacked meat heads intimidate the newbies.

Are ripped individuals who are in great shape really judging the newcomers or is it the other way around?

Are the people who want a better body judging everyone else out of jealousy?

If you're a "gym rat" have you ever felt judged? If you're a new member of a gym be honest, have you ever been a little jealous? Did it make you want to quit? Are you intimidated by the gym?

You shouldn't be. Everyone you may be a little envious of started from somewhere.

Keep it up and do the work.

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