Can you even call it a successful trip to New York City if you don't get a dirty water dog?

New York City is known for two iconic foods. They're known for both their pizza and their hot dogs. Could New York City really be ditching the dog? Say it isn't so!

People nowadays are extremely health conscious and are very picky about what kind of food they put in their body. But let's face it. Trips to the city are expensive and when you need something fast and cheap is there anything better than a quick hot dog?

Is the city really looking to ban our favorite cased meat? No, not really. The Takeout reported that the myth started from the announcement of the Green New Deal Plan which will cut down on green house emissions along with a reduction of beef and processed meats being sold.

Don't worry. Hot dogs are going anywhere for now. Although we me see some healthier dogs on the way.

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