Have you ever found yourself in a state of distress, anxiety, maybe even desperation or panic during which you can't figure it out, but something just isn't right? And then you come to and realize you're just in the throes of sever burrito withdrawal and that you need the warm, Mexican, cheesy goodness to reassure you that the world around you is okay?

No? Then I can't relate to you on any level.

But if you answered yes--or even know the feeling I'm talking about--I have found the perfect website for you.

My Burrito Finder isn't too different from most GPS-related sites, like when you go to the "Find a Store Near You" section of a retail store. But it's much, much more important. Because it is tuned specifically to the burrito station.

Maybe you're far from home, maybe you're on vacation, maybe you're stuck at a relative's house and need a burrito to get through the event. Whatever the case may be, allow My Burrito Finder to be your savior.