Think you have texting figured out? Think again. Apparently there is a thing called texting etiquette.

USAToday recently published an article that really delved into the world of texting and calling. The following was inspired by that piece, plus we added a few of our own. Here are the things that everyone should know about the do's and don'ts of texting. Feel free to share this with your aunt and your mom too.

  • Before you call someone, text to see that they are available to actually spend some of their precious time with you on the phone.
  • Under no circumstances is it OK to answer a text with the one letter answer of just a "K." People. Is 'Got it' or "Sure thing" or "Yep, no problem" really too many key strokes for you?
  • Never text the question, 'Did you get my last text?' Yes, they got it, they just haven't answered you.
  • Don't send too many texts in a row or too long of a text. Get to the point quickly. Texts are supposed to be easier to 'just let people know' something or when you just have a quick question.
  • It is okay to text Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Those three do not need to be followed up with a phone call.
  • Don't try to Skype someone who you have not prearranged to Skype with in advance, unless you are the mom. If you are getting a Skype from your mom, odds are she doesn't really know how to use it and she will have the camera aimed at the wrong location the entire time, so be prepared for that as well.

What rules would you like to have implemented in a texting or calling etiquette? :Let us know.

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