Is food at work free game? Can you take it and not feel any remorse? What people said might surprise you. This all started with Brandi & Nick going to get their package of Oreo's that they had stashed at work. When they went to get it, of course to eat some of those tasty Oreo's, the package was sealed up, still in the hiding spot, but now empty of all cookies.

Who ate them? We have no idea, but we have started interviewing (ok more like interrogating) everyone that has access to the WRRV studios, just to see if their are signs of guilt on anyone's face. Brandi asked HR if we could finger print everyone, but they said no. Bottom line, the cookies are gone and no one is admitting to it.

This led to the Morning Grind asking you, if food at work is free game or if we had grounds for a lawsuit. Here is what you said, via text to 845-451-9778 (WRRV)

  • Some one ate my lunch at work one day. It wasn't even in the fridge. It was in a lunch box in my gym bag.
  • Food left at work is fair game!! I'm the guy at my job who eats everybody's food and drinks all their drinks when left in the fridge with no name LoL
  • If its in the fridge, for more than I day, I think that the person who put it there forgot it. Whats the big deal if I eat it? Better that then have to throw it out three or four weeks later when its stinking up the fridge, right? At least I got a free meal out of it and the food didn't go to waste, right?

What do you think? Is food at work free game? Or if it has a name on it, you shouldn't touch it?

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