Who remembers these things?

I had no idea that the telephone had it's own day. Why shouldn't the telephone have its own special day in history? At the very least it should have a memorial. Who the heck still uses an actual telephone these days? I'd argue that most young adults don't even know what one is.

I've watched the phone die a slow and painful since about 2006 when I got my first cell phone. It's actually hard to believe that they are still around. They're kind of like cockroaches in away.

I don't miss having to wait to use the phone because your older brother was on the other line or having you mom accidentally pick up when  cute girl was calling but you can't say that the a good old land line phone isn't reliable.

In honor of National Telephone Day, we should all take a minute and put our cell phones down. I challenge you to make a call with a good old land line phone at least once today.

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