What's your Action Park story?

People who grew up within driving distance of Action Park most likely learned a valuable lesson if they ever went there. They learned early on that kids aren't indestructible.

Action Park Background

Action Park was a popular water park in Vernon Township, New Jersey that was open from 1978 to about 2016.  It was only about an hour away from the Hudson Valley so Action Park gave so many Hudson Valley kids some great memories. Some memories were not so great. I've never been there myself, but I have heard some stories and I did see part of the HBO Max documentary Class Action Park. This place looked absolutely insane. What didn't this place have?

The dangers at Action Park were believed to be caused by a couple of different factors like rides that were poorly designed, underqualified staff, and heavy alcohol consumption.

Jason Mewes, who many know as Jay from Kevin Smith movies like Clerks and Mallrats, was recently asked if he had any memories from action park. He grew up in New Jersey so, of course, he had one. He even had the injury to go with it like so many other kids in the Tri-State Area. Like most kids, he had an injury or two from the popular water park.

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Do you have any battle scars from attending Action Park when you were a kid? What was the place like?

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