A man is on the loose after allegedly stuffing several packages of Hostess cakes down his pants. I love Hostess as much as the next guy but things are pretty rough when you have to stuff your pants with them.

What's your favorite snack from Hostess? Are you a Ho Ho fan or do you enjoy a couple of Snowballs? If this man is guilty, this is something that only could have happened in New Jersey.

According to the Jersey Journal, police say a man threatened a 7-Eleven clerk with a knife after being allegedly stealing $30 worth of Hostess cupcakes and hiding them in his pants.

Hostess Twinkies
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The man was able to get away and police are currently searching for the man at large.

Twinkies are rumored to having an extremely long shelf life. Maybe this guy was looking to stock up for the big winter storm. Maybe he is  body builder or a runner who needed to carbo load before a big marathon. Who are we to judge?