You have heard us talking about it for the last couple of days. Each morning, Brandi, has been giving away 25 Jingle Bucks Instant Scratch-off Lottery Tickets from the New York State Lottery. Each morning, someone has been screaming when they win. Why? Each ticket has the potential to win a top prize of $20,000.

Ok, that is definitely something to get excited about. I am a huge fan of both giving (and getting) instant lottery scratch-off tickets from the New York State Lottery. With each gift I give, I am also giving the hope or the wish that the recipient wins. If they win, it's like I am winning too.

What are a few things that you could do with $20,000?

  • Take the entire family to Disney World in Orlando, complete with airfare, hotel and meals.
  • Pay for your utilities for an entire year, electric, oil, cable?
  • Buy yourself a 'new-used' car?
  • Put a new roof on your house?

The above are just a few suggestions. What would you do with $20,000?