One of the original artists that WRRV played when we launched in April of 1995 is Juliana Hatfield and she has new music out and will be performing those new songs in April. Her new album is called Pussycat and will be released on Friday April 28, 2017 on American Laundromat Records.

According to a press release, this is what Juliana Hatfield had to say about the way this new album evolved/came to be:

"I wasn't planning on making a record. All of these songs just started pouring out of me. And I felt an urgency to record them, to get them down, and get them out there."

Juliana will be performing April 26th and April 27th at the Mercury Lounge located at 217 East Houston Street, in New York City.

Here is a look at the track list from the new album Pussycat:

  1. I Wanna Be Your Disease
  2. Impossible Song
  3. You're Breaking My Heart
  4. When You're A Star
  5. Good Enough For Me
  6. Short-Fingered Man
  7. Touch You Again
  8. Sex Machine
  9. Wonder Why
  10. Sunny Somewhere
  11. Kellyanne
  12. Heartless
  13. Rhinoceros
  14. Everything Is Forgiven