If you have driven through the City of Kingston NY it is quite probable that you have seen on of the current 36 murals that are displayed on the sides of buildings. Do you think they are awesome? Or do you think that someone was out of their mind for defacing a building that way?

The City of Kingston, allegedly because of resident feedback, is working to put a new "Art in Public" policy going forward that would require these murals to be submitted in advance for an approval process before the first paint stroke touches a building, even if it is on private property.

What do you think? Great idea or 'get over yourself?' There will be a meeting at the Kingston City Hall at 5:30pm on Tuesday May 21, 2019. At this meeting the new policy will be explained, along with time for comments and feedback about the policy. If you are a resident of Kingston and want to make sure your voice is heard, which ever side of the argument that you are on, make sure you are at that meeting.

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