This place has been dilapidated for years. You wouldn't believe what it looks like now.

Real estate in the Hudson Valley is in high demand right now and the cost is at an expensive premium. Trying to find a house to buy can be absolutely maddening and renting is not really a cheaper alternative.

If you rent an apartment in the Hudson Valley then there's a good chance your landlord or property owner raised your monthly rent. The cost of renting a 1 bedroom apartment in Poughkeepsie is insane.

As someone who has been looking for a home in Dutchess County that's move in ready and located at a convenient location you would be hard pressed to find one for less than about $300,000. Prices seemed to skyrocket since the COVID-19 pandemic.

One alternative is to fix up old houses and bring them back to life. That seems like a sound investment right now if you can get it done

There's one building in particular that seems to be getting a much needed facelift.

If you commute daily down 9D between Beacon and Wappingers Falls then there's a good chance that you've seen this abandoned house that's been boarded up for years. It appeared like it was beyond repair. I'm certainly no expert because it looks like someone is investing in the property.


Google Maps
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It doesn't even look lie the same house! Could we see it on the market soon?

I bet the people living next door are pleased as well.

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