In an effort to keep schools and staff members safe, Governor Cuomo introduced the 'Red Flag' bill this week that could allow certain community members to lobby to have guns removed from law abiding citizens homes.

According to The New York Post, Governor Cuomo and school union members have been working on bill that may be able to strip law abiding citizens of their legally owned firearms. The 'Red Flag' bill encourages and empowers teachers, family members and local law enforcement to have inform courts on your domestic situation, if the local courts see fit they will remove guns from the home.

Some teachers argue that they should be able to report and take action on a potential threat if they suspect a student is troubled.

If this measure is passed it would make New York the first state to empower teachers to make these decisions. It's not likely that the bill will pass with a Republican senate.

Should teachers and other community members be able to have weapons removed from homes that they feel could be a potential threat?

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