You know you want to try it!

Shmaltz Brewing Company, in Clifton Park, N.Y. has made a pastrami pilsner. The beer was released at the end of 2017.

Shmaltz teamed with Barcade for the never-attempted pastrami-inspired beer.


Shmaltz Head Brewer Richie Saunders brews the beer with caramel, Munich and Pilsner malts to provide light, toasted bread flavors complete with caraway seeds for the complete rye bread experience.

To provide the best pastrami flavors, he took a pinch of kosher salt, a dash of pepper, and some smoke to wrap together the best pastrami characters. With no pastrami sandwich complete without fresh horseradish, he had to add that to the beer.

Saunders said:

Look for a clean golden beer with a fluffy white head that will give off the aromas of a fresh, yet cold pastrami sandwich. The flavor of the beer will be crisp and drinkable with a just a touch of heat from the horseradish while welcoming notes of spice from the caraway. As a perfect meal in a glass, you can have more than one before you feel full!

So, do you want to try this interesting beer? You can get your hands on it by visiting Shmaltz Brewing's website.

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