The rules of people who work in the healthcare field have really gotten strict. Not that there's a problem there, as there are few things more private and personal than one's medical history. But now, it's impossible to share any kind of information, story, or anything at all about what you witness within the walls of hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, etc. I'm sure it's put a dent in the entertaining stories that healthcare professionals can share at parties, but in general, it's a pretty good thing I would think (the protection of patients' privacy, that is).

That being said, this is definitely not protocol and I can't imagine how this person thought she could get away with it. Taking a photo of a guy's, erm, manhood and then sharing it with your coworkers? I mean.. just wait for the dude to wake up and ask him. He'll probably send you a photo of it before your shift is over.