This week the guy who has caught Brandi's eye is a single dad with a teenage daughter. Some people might think that this is a lot to have in her life but Brandi thinks this guy has a great sense of humor and he shows how strong his love of family is.

In fact, Chris, that's his name, went as far as showing his daughter how much he cares about her by trying to teach her a lesson. The daughter had been posting flirtatious selfies on Instagram, so the Dad decided that he would re-create each one of those images that she posted, then post them on his Instagram account with his version of the photo in side by side images.

The daughter ended up being horrified that her dad would go to such lengths to embarrass her. The dad? He ended up with 75 thousand more Instagram followers than his daughter #dadselfie #dadbod.

Is this the guy for Brandi or does he already have his hands full? If you hear of someone who will make a great Brandi's Future Husband? Email

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