You've got to hand it to these New York police pilots. They certainly found the most creative way to get back at their supervisor. Even if it wasn't exactly under the radar. Literally.

Being an officer with the NYPD has got to be very rewarding at times. Camaraderie is vital when working in law enforcement. You've got to be a family and sometimes families play practical jokes on each-other.

According to The New York Post, some NYPD officers are facing disciplinary action after making "penis shaped" trails that were visible on radar to play a joke on a coworker. The article also reports that the prank was the result of a confrontation with some officers and the head of the aviation unit.

No pilots were fired as of yet but they were stripped of their flight privileges. The NYPD has yet to release the flight information so we can't see just how big the phallic shaped patterns are yet.

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