I don't like getting negative online, but reading through some reviews are just hilarious. Last week we did a list of the "Nastiest McDonald's Google Reviews from the Hudson Valley." Y'all seemed to really enjoy reading that as much I loved going through it. So today, we are blasting Burger King.

This whole series started because I would do "Best of..." articles, and read silly and stupid reviews. It's time to highlight the absurdity of the internet!

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Now mind you, I eat at both places. I want to cut down on my fast food consumption, but you can't beat the convenience. That's the thing, you should know what you are getting into with a place like Burger King. Some people take these negative reviews so seriously. Every once and a while; however, you find diamonds of comedy. Also, Burger King is a giant corporation, they are not going to hurt from sharing these crazy reviews. They will never see this, and if they do, they won't care. So, let's have a laugh together!

When I say "Outrageous," I am talking about my favorite One-Star reviews that I found while sifting through Burger King Google Reviews of locations throughout the Hudson Valley. These reviews come from locations specifically in Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, and Westchester Counties. These reviews are anything from funny, dramatic, and flat out stupid.

Are you aware of any other cringe, horrible and hysterical reviews? What other chains should we look into next? Popeye's? Wendy's? Taco Bell? Let us know on the app, or leave us a comment on social media!

Outrageous Burger King Google Reviews from the Hudson Valley

Nastiest McDonald's Google Reviews from the Hudson Valley

These reviews of Hudson Valley McDonald's are just outrageous. I scoured reviews for the craziest reviews. #13 had me dying of laughter!

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