Patience & Fortitude need your help. Ok, let me explain. While, yes, they are two things that you might need to remember to get through your day with your wacky co-workers, customers or if you are a teacher, your students, but they are also the names of two lions.

More specifically, two lions that welcome thousands of people to the New York Public Library located at 5th and 42nd in New York City. Didn't know that they had names, did ya? According to the library website the pair of lions that have graced the library front steps since May of 1911 have had quite a few different names. Currently the duo are named "Patience" and "Fortitude" and they were given those names during the 1930's by then Mayor LaGuardia.

Patience is the lion that guards the south side of the entrance and Fortitude is on the north side. The  NYPL is currently undergoing a fundraising campaign to restore the sculptures to their former glory. Weather and time have done a number on the two, there are multiple cracks that need significant repairs. To get more information about the lions, the fundraiser or the library, click here. 

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