This time though, not as hard. After she put out that video of her live reaction to watching her old music video for Friday, here comes this new one, Saturday. (If you missed her reaction, Deuce posted about it HERE).

There's not really much to say about this video except that it's just the next day a few years later. Also, she stole a guys bowl of cereal. Who does that? That poor guy was hung over on Hi-C or something and he spent the time to make himself a bowl of cereal that Rebecca stole...not cool.

I think now that this song is out, Friday and Saturday are going to be stuck in my head again for another year. Thanks Rebecca Black.

Check out this new video, make fun of it and feel free to rip it apart here in the comments, that's what it's here for. Let me know what you think. Who's that guy is that starts singing with her halfway through?