Love getting together with your friends and just need an excuse? How about heading to one of the many sangria festivals that take place here in the Hudson Valley? Here's the info on a few of them:

What is Sangria?

Think of sangria as a wine based punch, served cold. Where did it originate? It is believed to have originated in Spain. The requirements for it to be a Sangria is just that it has wine, fruit and served chilled, often it also includes some sort of brandy, rum or spirit.

Is there a right way or a wrong way to make sangria? No. When you make it, you can use white or red wine. You can add fruit or leave it out. You can add brandy, rum, orange juice, sparkling wine. Sangria is like meatballs or red sauce. There are as many different recipes as there are people and they all taste good. Do you have a favorite sangria recipe that you want to share with us? Add it to the comments below.

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