I just have one question. What on earth is "Black and Orange Spirit Day?"

When Did Halloween Become Too Controversial For School? Another school has decided to cancel their Halloween party. This time they have decided to replace it with something called "Black and Orange Spirit Day."

The quest to make everyone happy and feel included seems to have no end. We even feel the need to include people who don't want to be included.

Another east coast school has decided to cancel their Halloween parade for the kids and have decided to have a spirit day instead. According to The New York Post, Boyden Elementary School will not be participating in Halloween this year.

“The costume parade is out of our ordinary routine and can be difficult for many students.”

Of course it is out of the ordinary routine. It's Halloween. If it's a matter of kids not being able to afford a costume I don't think kids are judging and criticizing costumes that young. It's all about the candy.

If parents don't want a group of kids participating isn't there other activities they could be doing?

Do you agree with school's decision?