Freedom is isn't free. We hear that quite often. If you want to own a firearm should Uncle Same get a larger cut of the profits? Some think this would be a way to help curb gun violence in America while others believe it won't make any difference for criminals to obtain guns and that it would only deter law abiding citizens.

Gun ownership is a very polarizing subject in America these day. Should there be stricter background checks, a ban on certain firearms or should things remain the same. The U.S. Constitution says that your right to bear arms shall not be infringed but the founding fathers didn't say anything about it being free.

Some think that we should have increased taxes on both firearm and ammo purchases.

According to the Tax Policy Center currently, there is an 10% tax on handgun purchases and about an 11% on long guns and ammunition. Some suggest legislation that would double that percentage. Those fund would then go to projects or groups that would help reduce gun violence.

Would an increase on taxes help lower gun deaths in America? It's possible. It certainly would not stop criminals. Just law abiding citizens. Many are also concerned that lower income families who live in areas with high crime rates would not be able to afford a weapon for personal defense.

What do you think?

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