Parents, have you been in this situation? You have your toddler or 4-year-old come to you and you realize that they have not one but two pieces of a toy some how, shoved up their nose.

You take them to the Urgent Care where they are able to extricate one of the little plastic items, but they were not able to get the other one out of the nasal cavity. So you are now on to the emergency room. You wait a bit (and occasionally you will wait somemore). Eventually you are seen by a doctor, physicians assistant or nurse practitioner. They are quickly able to remove the little piece of plastic from your cherubs nose with out the use of surgery or anesthesia. You probably weren't even in the ER bay more than 10 minutes.

How much do you think that bill is going to be? One family in Las Vegas had this happen to them. Their bill? $3000. Have you ever had to take your kids to the ER? How much was that bill?

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