So what do you reach for as your preferred condiment? Some people like ketchup, others may go for ranch dressing. What's your favorite dip for a bowl of chips at your place?

Of course, your favorite condiment may vary from your neighbors', especially people in different regions of the country.

So a product ratings platform called Influenster took the data from over 50,000 reviews to find out what people like use as a dip or topping across the U.S.

So what are New Yorkers reaching for, according to this data? Nutella. Yes, the hazelnut spread topped the list as New York's favorite condiment. Agree, or disagree? According to this study, our neighbors to the east in Connecticut also picked Nutella as their go-to snack. Massachusetts as well.

In fact, both Nutella and Frank's RedHot Sauce finished on top in four states apiece.

See the FULL list HERE. 

For New Jersey; it was  Bertolli Vodka Sauce. Pennsylvanians enjoy them some Heinz Ketchup. Some states had some really different results; such as Maine. The data from Influenster says Mainers love Marshmallow Fluff. Floridians like their French's Crunchy Toppers Crispy Jalapenos. Oregonians tend to go a little more healthy with Nature's Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

...and Wisconsinites like Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise. Ugh.

Check out this report from NBC about New York City's first Nutella cafe that opened in November.