Flashing back to February of 2015 when we discovered something that could be considered a prank. A prank on Nutella lovers of the world.

Allegedly, there was a Nutella jar that could possibly be to blame for causing a fire in London.  The London Fire Brigade says the empty jar was set on a window sill and the glass refracted the sunlight, setting the blinds ablaze earlier this month.  Significant damage was done to the home and a dog was killed in the fire.  The fire investigator in the case, says the idea of a glass jar causing a fire might sound far fetched, but he urges people to make sure they don't put glass near their windows. The homeowners daughter had been using the cleaned, empty jar to store hair ties and rubber bands.

Do you re-use glass jars? Have you ever considered the potential for this to happen in your home? Or do you think that the only possible thing that a jar of Nutella could bring is pure joy?

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