As many gather across the country to show their support for the unjust and tragic death of George Floyd, some government officials are urging protesters to get tested for COVID-19 if they have been around a large number of people.

Large groups are gathering to protest in cities all across America. There have been  demonstrations of all sizes against the death of George Floyd in cities like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Lansing, Flint, Des Moines, Houston and Atlanta. According to NBC, the Mayor of Atlanta expressed her concerns over the large crowds so soon.

Protests against racial injustice have also occurred in central New York, New York City and even right here all over the Hudson Valley.

Though it is your right to protest it's important not to forget that we're still in the middle of a pandemic and we should do it safely. Some government officials are not scolding protesters but they do want them to get tested immediately for COVID.

You've got a scenario where hundreds if not thousands of people are in close contact and shouting. In Cuomo's latest briefing, he stated that he fears that the protesters could be spreading the virus.

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