If you look around your neighborhood and can't find that one neighbor, there's a good chance that you are that neighbor. Did you know there is an actual day to take that tree down?

Maybe you love the way your tree looks in your living room right in front of that big window. Or maybe you're just lazy, and you don't feel like climbing up that ladder to take down those lights outside. Whatever the reason may be you cannot let those things linger. Believe it or not, they do become a bit of an eyesore to the rest of the world.

According to an article from The Sun, the twelfth day of Christmas is called the Epiphany. You are supposed to take your tree down by the twelfth day, January 6. It's also known as feast day so be sure to finish off those leftovers while you can still be guilt free.

In short, you've got a good excuse not to touch them until the sixth. After that, you had better get them down before your neighbors hate you.

The Boulevard Christmas Lights Display Illuminates Outer Melbourne
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A long time ago, pagans believed that your tree had good spirits attached to it and that they would vanish by the sixth. At least the Christmas spirit isn't alone?