With winter weather here (ice, snow, sleet, etc) there is one must have item that you might want to add to your winter supplies. Especially one that will free you of those times when you need to clean the snowy or slick windshield.

A few years ago I saw one of these things on TV and knew immediately that I had to have it. It is a protective windshield cover. When the weather is bad out or is expected to be bad you slip one end of the elastic over the side mirror, wrap the windshield cover around the front, making sure to cover the windshield wiper blades, and then slip the other elastic over the second side mirror. There is then a piece of the cover that gets tucked in the car between the door and the car. It sounds way more complicated than it is.

The bottom line, if your car sits out over night in the winter and you don't want to get up even earlier than  you already do, get one of these. My dad even was so impressed, he got one as well.

They come in two sizes. One for regular cars and a larger one for trucks and SUV's. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine.


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