What the heck am I supposed to read a book?
You’re having a normal day and all of a sudden the worst thing imaginable happens. You lose cable and internet.
How sad is it that I’m actually saying having no cable is the worst thing ever? Just how privileged can you get?
I woke up from a nice nap only to find I was no longer able to continue binge watching SVU on Amazon Prime. Without knowing there was an issue I tried turning on regular cable, old reliable. Nothing. Just a frozen
screen. Thinking the issue was just in my neck of the woods I thought I’d go 20 minutes down the road to my gym.
Still nothing. Do you know how hard it is to workout to now music or television? I may as well not even gone. It’s a shame I didn’t keep an old Walkman.
Now I’m sitting here on my phone trying to stay entertained relying on my spotty cell service.
I really wasn’t prepared for this. What do I do? Eat? Read a book? Call a friend I haven’t spoken to in years?
Of course I’ll go with the first choice.
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