This week Sept 3-7. 2018 is National Payroll Week. Never heard of it? No worries, we hadn't either. What is it all about? In just a few words, it is to make sure that you have the right amount of withholding's being taken out of your paycheck and to pay appreciation to the professionals who make sure we all actually get our check.

Let's look specifically at your withholding's (the things that make you mad, because you are not 100% sure where that money is going). Too much and you let the government use your money, interest free until you file your taxes and wait for your refund. Not enough taken out and you might scramble to pay the IRS in April of next year.

Want to check it out while you can still make some changes for 2018 and either increase or decrease those withholding's? Here is a calculator from National Payroll Week 2018 that can help you decide what to do. Note, you should probably also discuss these changes with your personal tax professional.

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