Boo Ball 2019 is right around the corner and if you're saving your costume choice until last minute, here's some helpful info. The top five costumes the Hudson Valley is purchasing for 2019. The list includes some classics and some new options.

  1. Spider-Man - With all the talk of SONY and Disney going back and forther over whether Spider-Man will be part of upcoming Marvel movies, he's been top of mind this year.
  2. IT - Anyone with a clown phobia could potentially have a tough Halloween 2019 with the classic clown from IT being one of the most popular costumes.
  3. Wizard Of Oz - The #3 costume for the Hudson Valley is Wizard of Oz characters. I mean, really can't go wrong here.
  4. Witch - When in doubt, go with the old classic.
  5. Descendents - The third installment of Descendents just came out in August so the Hudson Valley is all over it apparently.

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