There's a small town in Upstate New York that holds a big festival every year. It is coming up and people will compete to see who has the best sasquatch call.

Cryptozoologists are convinced that sasquatch is real. Some people believe the creature exists as well despite there being definitive proof.

I have never seen big foot. If it is real then I couldn't tell you what it looks like. However, there's a small village in Upstate New York filled with people who think they know what sasquatch sounds like.

The annual Sasquatch Calling Festival is taking place this weekend in Whitehall, New York at Skenesborough Park.

People in the village report seeing the creature
YouTube: NYup
YouTube: NYup

I don't know what the prize is for the winner of the sasquatch calling contest is but I think that even the losers might be able to be the lead singer of a metal band. Here's a video of a caller competing in a previous contest. Enjoy.

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