A video by a concerned local resident shows just how much garbage was left behind at a much revered Catskill Mountains nature site. After a recent weekend of people using Kaaterskill Clove, it's pretty clear some people have forgotten how to clean up after themselves.

Located in New York's Catskill Mountains, the once pristine lands have had issues with trash over the years. People often do not follow the 'leave no trace' policy but it's apparently been getting worse recently. A petition has recently begun urging local officials to take action.

The video starts in the parking area and unfortunately that's just the beginning as it gets worse. Areas by the creek are littered with debris and at one point camera person, Shane Valcich comes across a full charcoal grill left behind. From there he finds batteries, diapers, flip flops, and more. It's quite a disgusting assault on nature and hopefully, something can and will be done about it.

Photo Credit: Shane Valcich
Photo Credit: Shane Valcich

Props to the people who bagged up their trash, you almost did the right thing. But it is still not ok to just leave it on the side of the road. If you can plan a trip to Kaaterskill Clove or any Hudson Valley or Catskills nature site, you can have a plan for your garbage at the end of the day.

As it stands, some local residents have been putting themselves at risk cleaning up after people who are many times not even from the area. You can sign the petition by linking up HERE. And remember when you're off experiencing nature in the Hudson Valley or Catskills, its important to leave no trace.

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