If you've followed this Weird Internet series with any regularity at all, you know I have a soft spot for well-intentioned but slightly out-of-touch attempts to help guide kids onto a healthier path. Whether that's drugs, violence, sex--there's a whole lot of (usually) morally sound but misguided videos out there, some of it even paid for by tax dollars. Good times!

So let's take a journey back to when adults thought that kids wanted to use the internet for pure, good-hearted things, like AOL's "Homework Help," rather than illegally pirating entertainment, streaming hardcore pornography, and bullying their classmates via social media outlets.

And as a bonus? The incredible "Oh... Hey, didn't notice you there with your big camera and boom mics!" expression of the kid from Home Improvement playing the drums. Plus, at 2:30, he watches a REALPLAYER VIDEO OF BAUHAUS COVERING DAVID BOWIE. This is the best thing ever.