Father's Day 2019 will take place on Sunday June 16, 2019. Is there a Cat Dad in your life? When I went to the store to get cards for the Cat Dad's in my life (there are three Cat Dads & two Cat Mom's that I get Mother's Day and Father's Day cards for) I was able to find 9 different Father's Day cards "From the Dog," but I was only able to get one card that was a Father's Day card "From the Cat."

So what do you get a Cat Dad for Father's Day? The Cat Dad himself will probably tell you nothing. Here are a few suggestions if you are looking to get them a Father's Day gift:

  • A card, if you can find one 'From the Cat' do it. Of course, you have to sign the card with their cats names.
  • Toys for the cat, catnip scented?
  • Treats for the cat, catnip flavored
  • Beer for the Dad

What do you think a Cat Dad would like for Father's Day? Let us know.

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