So there is a few weeks until Christmas 2018 and have you started shopping yet? Do you feel pressure to start shopping or is it 'no big deal?'

The Christmas shopper can be divided into four different types of people:

  1. The Planner. This person starts as early as December 26 for shopping for Christmas. They buy gifts not just for specific people, but they also pick things up on sale 'just in case.' This person has a closet full of items that could be a gift at a moments notice. They do not qualify for hoarder designation, because they are allegedly organized.
  2. The Procrastinator. This person will wait until December 20-23 to start their shopping. They say that they are too busy and have no time to even figure out what the people close to them even want for Christmas.
  3. The Last Minute Larry (or Lucy). This is the person who only buys gifts at the gas station or convenience store and if it isn't or can't be wrapped in time, to them, it's no big deal. This person will often purchase Lottery Scratch tickets as gifts.
  4. The Avoider. This person will avoid everyone around the holidays and not buy anyone a gift and then feel really bad when their friends buy them gifts and go out of their way to give the gift to them, but by December 27, they don't care and they are still deciding if they should lay low until December 31 or is it okay to be seen.

Are you one of the above people? When do you start shopping for the Christmas holidays?

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