Hey White Castle, I'm talking to you. What is it going to take for you to move into the Hudson Valley? We have this great location all ready for you. Golden Corral didn't cut it, but we're positive you'd be a home run.

It's just that we're tired of only seeing you on the way home from concerts and football games at Met Life Stadium. And the drive to the Nanuet location sucks, quite frankly.

First let's talk about what a great of location the proposed site is. We happened to notice one of the criteria for opening a new location is a high traffic count. The proposed site is right on Route 9, one of the most traveled roads in the area, we're talking thousands of cars a day.  Population density is a factor too, the Route 9 corridor is packed with hungry people on the daily.

We also happened to notice, as you approach you're 100th anniversary in a few years, you're looking for places to expand. The New York City metro happens to be one of the growth areas. Well, that's us!

Let's get together and make some magic happen. The Hudson Valley NEEDS a White Castle.

Bonus Video: Crazy Hyde Park Nor'easter footage