Did you watch the TV show "Blues Blues" growing up? Did you love it? If given the chance, do you think you could be a "Steve?" The Nickelodeon show, "Blues Clues" is being re-booted and they are casting for a new host.

Apparently the goal is to make 20 new episodes, with a new look and yes, a new host. (Let's be real. Joe was a nice guy and all, but was "Blues Clues" ever the same without Steve. Yes, people are thrilled that Steve had the opportunity to go to college, but it just was not the same without him. Tirade over.)

The original show launched in 1996 and lasted for 6 season. The creators are looking for a new host, male or female between the ages of 18 and 25, who can make preschoolers feel important, respected and smart.