Public bathrooms are the worst. We all know this and some are more terrible than others. How the heck can I get a portable and private throne to take with me wherever I go like the the supreme leader of North Korea?

A lot of us refrain from using public restrooms. Mostly, because they're unkempt or we don't want our butt cheeks relaxing on something still warm from someone else's cheeks. Don't even get me started on the splash back.

Some people are too afraid to use a public toilet. It's a straight up phobia. It's called paruresis and it's a real thing.

I'd go as far as to say that New York has the most disgusting bathrooms only because there are strength in numbers.

CBS News reports that Kim Jung Un may have had his own toilet brought with him to the summit in Japan. There is speculation that he is a germaphobe or that they don't want doctor's examining his poo to determine his health.

Where in New York do you wish you could take a private potty? I know we all want one when we go to the city.

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