How you doin'? I guess Wendy Williams is crushing it in the Empire State.

I always thought daytime television was the absolute worst time for television but I guess the rest of New York wouldn't agree with me.

Who has time to watch live television anymore? It's called prime time for a reason but New Yorker's surprisingly watch more television in the middle of the day.

Don't get wrong, I can get addicted to Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos and Soap Operas just as easily at the next person but it sure gets old, doesn't it?

According to a study done by Fios, they tracked when the most people watch live television. The average time we all have the tube on is about 2:52 PM.

Do you agree with the survey? Do you thin daytime programming is really that good or is it just when kids are getting home from school?

I for one love my Honorabl Judge Judy.

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