Are you a member of a wholesale club? Sam's and Bj's have been a part of the Hudson Valley for over 25 years. An average, regular membership will set you back $45-$60 and then each place has additional membership levels where you earn a percentage of your purchase back and additional perks, with those plans costing $100-$120 per year.

The annual plans for Costco are the same (the closest Costco is in Danbury, CT and Nanuet, NY), but as a person who has belonged to all three of the above wholesale clubs at one point or another (I currently hold memberships to Bj's and Costco) I cannot understand why the Hudson Valley has not been able to court a Costco to our area. When I do make a quarterly trip to Danbury, I see more NY license plates than I do from Connecticut (same when I go to Trader Joe's off of exit 2 on 84). So why hasn't the Costco Gods felt that this area is worthy?

Here are a few reasons that we should have one:

  • Should I mention the money that people are driving across state lines to spend?
  • Kirkland products. Great products, not necessarily the most fancy, but consistently high quality.
  • Allegedly, the best place to purchase prescription eye glasses but also for hearing aids. Yes, hearing aids.
  • The non-club perks, discounts on vacations and car rentals.
  • Jobs, Costco consistently is on the great places to work in the United States

Do you have a wholesale club membership? Which club is your favorite?

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