Hasbro has revamped the iconic game in hopes to empower young women but some are questioning if it is sending the right message.

There's countless versions of Monopoly. You can find a Monopoly board for basically any theme Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Call of Duty and even your favorite sports teams.

Monopoly has just entered the game of social equality by highlighting and helping to develop successful women professionals and entrepreneurs with a new edition called, Ms. Monopoly.

The game features a new character along with new pieces and a whole new set of rules giving men a slight disadvantage. Women start with more money at the beginning of the game and instead of properties players will collect inventions made by women like the bullet proof vest.

Is this game really made to empower women or is it doing the opposite? According to the New Yorker, many believe that it's a step backwards for feminism.

Is it encouraging equality or is it teaching women at a young age that life isn't fair and the only way you can win is to have a huge advantage over the opposite sex? Personally, I like the idea of highlighting successful women and female inventors but there's one problem with this game.

Have you ever heard of a game called The Landlord's Game? It was a game designed and patented by a woman named Lizzie Magie in 1904 where players buy land and pay taxes and was a huge influence for the game we now know as Monopoly. Her name not being mentioned is being criticized.

Call me crazy but I think giving the female creator of Monopoly a hat tip might be a good place to start if you'd like to have a Monopoly game dedicated to strong female influencers.

What do you think?

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