No, this is not fake news. I hope this doesn't become a precedent because I could be in some trouble. What's the statute of limitation on an old Blockbuster rental?

The average cost for an overdue library book is roughly 10 cents a day. That could add up over the course of several years. Not only could it get costly but you're also holding on to property that isn't yours.

A Michigan woman is facing a hefty fine and possible jail time after being hit with a warrant for her arrest after failing to return an overdue library book.

According to the Global News a woman faces a penalty with a maximum of over 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. The books are valued at roughly $20 a piece. In some instances the library could send your book fine to collections. According to the woman, the books were checked out in 2017 and had been long forgotten until her arrest.

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