Apparently the monkey business is booming.

If one emotional support monkey wasn't odd enough, this lady is battling the courts to keep three of them. It might not be that weird. There is cow cuddling here in New York.

Emotional support animals have many benefits to ones mental health. According to experts at ESA Doctors, emotional support animals can help with many issues like PTSD, anxiety, stress and even depression. Having a support animal can boost a patient's self esteem and their social interaction.

Some common emotional support animals are dogs, cats and even rodents like ferrets and guinea pigs.

According to CNN, a woman is in court pleading to keep her three monkeys. Her defense is that they are not pets but there to offer emotional support to assist her PTSD.

As weird as it sounds there are other exotic support animals that aren't that uncommon such as miniature horses and even dolphins.

If she was I daignosed with a mental disorder who are we to tell her she cannot have them is it helps her to cope?

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