So you are at work and "it" happened again. Your lovely co-worker forgot to do the 'thing' that they are supposed to have remembered! What in the heck are we talking about? Work etiquette.

Work etiquette. Two words, very simple it is defined by this person as 'the things you know you should do at work because it is the right thing to do. The do-unto-others of the work place. The be kind re-wind, philosophy of work life.

Here are a few things that Brandi & Nick found out really annoy co-workers of the Hudson Valley:

  • People taking the last of the water in the water cooler and not replacing the jug
  • Not replacing the toilet paper in the employee bathroom when they use the last of it, also bathroom-related making sure the toilet is flushed and the paper towels actually make it to the trash can
  • Not refilling the copier paper and not resetting the copier to 0 after making multiple copies.

What do your co-workers not do that you think that they should? Let us know, we will add it to the 'Co-Worker Etiquette List.'

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