WRRV Sessions is going digital again for February.

It's sad but true, in-person concerts still aren't happening. Thanks a lot, COVID-19. I hope that with the rollout of this vaccine, we'll be able to get together for concerts really soon. I miss hanging out at the brewery with you and enjoying awesome live music. But in the meantime, digital concerts are an amazing replacement. So I'm super excited to announce the next edition of WRRV Sessions.

WRRV Sessions is excited to present a digital concert with IDKHBTFM. The performance will be an Instagram Live on WRRV's Instagram. It will be on Tuesday, February 23 at 1:30 p.m. You can follow us on Instagram @WRRVradio. Taylor will have a short interview with Dallon from IDKHow and he will then perform two songs.

IDKHBTFM is commonly referred to as IDKHOW. You know their hit songs "Leave Me Alone" and "Choke". IDKHOW is a duo based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It's made up of lead vocalist and bassist Dallon Weekes and drummer Ryan Seaman. Dallon Weekes got his start with Panic! At The Disco. IDKHOW released their latest album in 2020 called Razzmatazz that features 14 tracks.

WRRV Sessions is all made possible thanks to Healy Brothers, Newburgh Brewing Company, and Devitt's Nursery and Supply. Catch the February edition of WRRV Sessions on Tuesday, February 23 with Dallon of IDKHBTFM on WRRV's Instagram. Send us a message through the WRRV App with any questions you want Taylor to ask Dallon. Follow WRRV on Instagram at @WRRVradio.

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