WRRV Sessions are back live and in-person and we couldn't be happier. An amazing performance from Two Feet kicked it off in February, and this month we were honored to welcome the Regrettes for an intimate acoustic set.

Chuck Merrihew
Chuck Merrihew

A hidden bonus of their extra Hudson Valley stop is that we have have converted the west coast band into upstate New York lovers. They made a stop in Albany on Saturday, the Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie on Sunday, and then hung out with us in Newburgh at Newburgh Brewing Company. The weather was unseasonably warm, and lead singer Lydia Night had nothing but good things to say about our area.

The Future of Live Music

Before they took the stage, Night also stopped by our live broadcast table to sit down to talk tour, music, and what they want their live music legacy to look like.

I really agree with [the] statement of... creating the world that you want to see around you, especially in a show environment... We want our shows to be the kind of show we'd want to attend

To Lydia, that means making their shows and their mosh pits open to everyone. If she sees someone getting to aggressive, she said, she'll call it out to make sure that people of all sizes and genders can have fun and "leave wanting more". While there wasn't any slam-dancing at the brewery, they put on an unforgettable performance that you can see below.

WRRV Sessions with the Regrettes

The Regrettes stopped by Newburgh Brewing Company for an intimate acoustic set

WRRV Sessions with Two Feet, February 23rd 2022

Two Feet helped bring back LIVE and in-person WRRV Sessions at Newburgh Brewing Company. Thanks to Healy Brothers, Devitts Nursery and Supply, and Ballentine Communications. Photography by Chuck Merrihew.