I have seen a lot of weird things happen here in New York but I think a guy sucking a beer from a hot dog might top the list.

Is this person eating his beer or drinking his hot dog? The internet is going crazy over this video from a recent Yankee game.

Another viral video is coming to us from The Bronx where a man was recorded inserting a plastic straw through a hot dog frank and then drinking a beer from it. This happened at a recent Yankee game. Apparently, it is called a glizzy straw and the new beer drinking method has taken the internet by storm.

People are blasting this guy online. Some are jokingly calling for him to be jailed.

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This post comes just days after another weird incident was caught on video in The Bronx. A man was seen getting a haircut while hanging out in the bleachers during the 8th inning.

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